American Leathers is proud to announce we are now a dealer for Montana Pitch-Blend products.

This is a product made in the U.S.A. and is the best leather conditioning product we have found. It works great for breaking in shooting gloves, back quivers, or a new pair of hunting boots. It also helps to rejuvenate old weathered leather.

Montana Pitch Blend
Leather Dressing

Exclusive at -Free gift-

We're including a free Bow Tip Protector with each order.

“ Hi John & Lori, We've emailed back and forth and I've met you at the Expo. My Dad Steve is a huge fan of your Big-Shot gloves and wanted me to review them on my blog:

I thought you would get a kick out of it.

I'm still interested in the cross-over. I'm hoping to maybe pick one up at the end of hunting season. -Nick Viau”



New!! Handwarmer gloves aredesigned to be worn under your Big Shot or Crossover shooting glove.


The Big Shot Crossover glove is made of premium buffalo leather.

Designed for the archer who prefers a traditional leather finger stalls.

the Crossover now features finger stalls with nylon inserts between two layers of buffalo leather for added support when shooting heavy weight bows.

This glove has neoprene on the knuckles, like all our adult gloves, to ensure minimum slip on the finger stalls after string release.

Available in four sizes:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large

Fax Hand Tracing!

We've brought back the fax number, so you can once again fax a tracing of your hand, to get the best size match for you!.

Fax: (208) 423-5143


Our #1 Glove

New and improved;
The next level of durability...

  • Nylon fingertips give you an extremely smooth release.

  • Neoprene knuckles provide superb comfort and flexibility.

  • Each piece of leather for an individual glove is hand selected based on the direction of the grain, which keeps undesirable stretching to an absolute minimum. This ensures a snug fit throughout the entire lifetime of the glove.


Faxing a tracing of your shooting hand is the best and most accurate way to determine glove size.

Trace your shooting hand with fingers spread - trace all the way down to your wrist.

Be sure to include the measurement (in inches) from your middle fingertip down to the base of your palm (see example).

Include your phone number or email address, and we'll get back to you right away.

Please note: photocopies or pictures DO NOT WORK - please do not submit them.

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